Fourteen Medals for Kras Prosciutto Factory at Agra 2020

By participating in the largest and most recognized international evaluation in Slovenia under the auspices of the Agra International Fair of Agriculture and Food, we have once again confirmed the excellence of our brand.


Prizes were awarded to all Kras products that had been submitted for evaluation; out of a total of fourteen, we have won six gold and eight silver medals. Pre-sliced Pancetta, Krpan Veal Frankfurters, Loin Pork Roast, Mortadella Prestige, Roasted Ham and Mortadella Elita received the gold medal. The medals awarded at the Agra Fair are synonymous with the highest quality, confirmed by a commission of renowned national and foreign experts based on professional evaluations.


Kras company remains faithful to a long tradition which, in addition to the achievements of modern technology and taking into account the needs of consumers, is the main guideline of all our activities. Each medal represents a special recognition, as it reflects the dedication and effort of our employees, who are the foundation of the company and without whom this would not be possible.


Since it is a building block of the future, we always put quality first and we are aware that only when we offer customers the best products and thus meet their expectations, the key criteria of our long-term success and mutual satisfaction are met.