Since 1956

The Karst.

This stony land of ours, which bows to the power of the mighty Karst Bora wind, with its unique climatic conditions is the heart of the production of prosciutto, which here has a centuries-old tradition.

Your Satisfaction

The Kras prosciutto factory satisfies many customers with a vast range of meat products and ranks among the leading meat processing companies in Slovenia. Of course, the quality is best highlighted by the products themselves, but it is also confirmed by numerous professional awards, which over the years of our business have confirmed our dedication to work and pushed us forward with the desire and passion to achieve the most important goal: your satisfaction.


Sečovlje, 1980

1956 – 1975

United by the Bora Wind From Every Corner of the Karst

The very roots of the Kras prosciutto factory date back to the 1950s, when the agricultural cooperative began with the organized production of prosciutto. In 1956 the Kras company was registered for the first time in the register of economic organizations. The production of prosciutto was then divided into two factories: the preparation and salting of pork legs took place in Sežana, while the drying took place in the attics of the peasant members of the cooperative. Since managing such production was difficult, a desire was born: to build a prosciutto factory where the whole process would run in one place. The annual production of prosciutto was around 400 pieces.

1956 – 1975

Origins of the “Kraški pršut” Naming

In 1963, the Kras Sežana Agricultural Cooperative put together the rich local knowledge and began to systematically develop the production of prosciutto.
The agricultural cooperative was then followed by other prosciutto factories developed by individual companies in the Slovenian meat processing industry, including our own company, Kras Sežana.
That year is a kind of turning point for the inhabitants of Karst, as it is considered the beginning of the marking of prosciutto as Kraški pršut (Karst prosciutto).

1976 – 1977

Time for the Bora Wind

The beginnings of the Kras prosciutto factory date back to 1976, when the first construction works began in Šepulje. A year later the first prosciutto factory was built with an annual capacity of 60,000 pieces of prosciutto. The location in Šepulje was not chosen by chance, since a lot of basic analysis was done in advance, which showed that the local microclimate is excellent for drying prosciutto. Here the humid sea winds meet the cold of the hinterland and the Bora, indispensable in the maturation of a good Karst product.


Primorske novice Newspaper, 5th November 1976

Kras meat processing plant in the little village of Šepulje, 1980

First Marketing Campaign with its first Kras Company's Logo, 1987


Kras Brand Logo Develops

Since then you always recognize us by the same brand. We updated it 35 years later so you can recognize us for another 35 years.


Prosciutto Curing on Wooden Racks, 1983

Blue Ribbon, the Highest Recognition Award at the Agra International Fair of Agriculture and Food, 1986

Alpe Adria Fair in Ljubljana, 1994

New Graphic Design at 20th Kras Meat Processing Plant Anniversary, 1996

1998 – 2006

The Appetite Grew

In 1996 we included Cooked Ham in our product line and then Mortadella in 1998.
We like to remember in particular the period of 2002, the year in which we started producing Karst Prosciutto with Protected Geographical Indication, and in 2008 we added Karst Pancetta (Kraška panceta) and Karst Pork Neck (Kraški zašink). Today, after forty years, the Kras prosciutto factory has evolved from a ham company to a leading meat processing company in Slovenia, offering consumers over 200 different meat products from five different ranges.


Over 200 Meat Products

In addition to the traditional Karst Prosciutto on the bone, which we can enjoy in the company of good friends by slicing it ourselves, there are also vacuum-packed Prosciutto pieces, the precious Kraški zašink (Karst Pork Neck) and Kraška panceta (Karst Pancetta), the excellent Karst Meat Roll, Salami and Beef Products. In addition to all these, we also produce Cooked and Roasted ham, Mortadella and Smoked Delicacies.

Because we want each Kras brand product to be savored in all its freshness and perfect aroma, we have designed the Presliced range, which is even more delicious, as if the hand of an attentive master had just sliced them.

Kras Video Archive

Watch the video presentations of the Kras brand and its products from the last millennium.