Business Card

Kras, d.o.o. is a meat processing company with more than 50 years of tradition, and is the largest Slovenian producer of prosciutto and Karst meat specialities. Our core mission is to produce top-quality meat products based on the tradition of the Karst and Primorska regions. We enrich the tables at important events with the exquisite taste of our products, or are part of the culinary delight of modern everyday life. Our products are an essential ingredient of Slovenia’s culinary diversity.

The most recognisable products are Karst Prosciutto, Karst Pancetta and Karst Pork Neck. Kras products are derived from Karst traditions, the traditions of the locals and the imitation of the skills of the old masters. By keeping up with the latest developments in the field, and investing in the technological perfection of their preparation, we maintain the highest quality, tailored to the demands of modern customers. In addition to traditional Karst specialities, the rich product range also includes a number of salamis, mortadellas, cooked and roasted hams and semi-preserved meat products.

The company wants to maintain its role as a leading Slovenian producer of traditional Karst meat products and, using state-of-the-art technological processes, technological, nutritional and culinary know-how, approach to the greatest extent possible the needs and wishes of the modern consumer in terms of packaging, distribution and marketing communication.

Corporate Headquarters and Other Information

Company Name

KRAS mesnopredelovalna industrija d.o.o.


Šepulje 31, 6210 Sežana


+386 57 310 300


+386 57 310 327

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Company Abroad


KRAS BEO d.o.o., Director Mr Milutin Nikić;


KRAS mesna industrija d.o.o.,
Director Dinka Volf Klepec;


Company Director

Stojan Hergouth

Purchasing Director

Borut Volk

National Sales Director

Andreja Gerželj Breščič

Sales Director on Foreign Markets

Andrej Teraž

Financial Accounting Director

Slavica Čok

Production Manager

Aljoša Pegan