Tea Salami

The classic finely ground fermented salami, with its succulence and slightly smoky taste, is indispensable to accompany various types of cheese and fresh vegetables and has the right size to prepare excellent canapés. It is best when cut into thin slices; this way you will enjoy the perfect combination of smell and taste. Its name derives from the habit of serving canapès with this sausage during teatime.

Nutritional Values

Average Nutritional Value per 100 g:


2092 kJ / 505 kcal

Total fat

45,3 g

Saturated fat

15,8 g

Total carbohydrates

< 1 g


< 0,5 g


23,4 g


4,2 g

Source: Product chemical analysis

Additional Information

Type of meat

dry cured meat

Storage temperature

max 8 °C