Karst Prosciutto Prestige Line, Bone-In

Time is gold that perfectly ennobles our top quality product. As the slice melts, a symphony of flavors is released into the mouth with a very special interplay of intense and attractive aromas, whose notes make time stop.

Karst prosciutto with twenty or more months of maturation is comparable to quality wines and aged cheeses. Time gives them a venerable look and special charm, so we do not serve them on every occasion, but leave them for moments in the company of friends and connoisseurs.

Nutritional Values

Average Nutritional Value per 100 g:


1171 kJ / 281 kcal

Total fat

19 g

Saturated fat

7,2 g

Total carbohydrates

0,8 g


< 0,5 g


28 g


5,5 g

Source: Product chemical analysis

Additional Information

Type of meat

dry cured meat

Store in a cold, dry and airy place.