Karst Prosciutto PGI Prestige Line, Bone-In

Time is the golden touch that elevates our premium product to perfection. As the slice melts, a symphony of flavors unfolds in the mouth, with a unique blend of intense and enticing aromas that bring time to a standstill.

Our twenty months and more aged prosciutto stands alongside vintage wines and aged cheeses. Time bestows upon them a venerable appearance and special allure, making them reserved for special occasions. We indulge in these gastronomic delights with respect, in the company of friends and connoisseurs.

Nutritional Values

Average Nutritional Value per 100 g:


1171 kJ / 281 kcal

Total fat

19 g

Saturated fat

7,2 g

Total carbohydrates

0,8 g


< 0,5 g


28 g


5,5 g

Source: Product chemical analysis

Additional Information

Type of meat

Dry-cured meat

Store in a dry and airy space