Karst Pork Neck Sliced

In addition to Karst Pancetta and Karst Prosciutto, Karst Pork Neck (Kraški zašink) is part of our gastronomic pearls trio that represents the symbol of the Karst.
With its characteristic deep red muscle, intertwined with pure white lard, it is a real eye-catcher. In each slice there is the dedication and knowledge of our masters, who, preserving a long tradition, produce cured meat products, of which we are particularly proud.

Nutritional Values

Average Nutritional Value per 100 g:


1383 kJ / 332 kcal

Total fat

23 g

Saturated fat

7,3 g

Total carbohydrates

0,9 g


< 0,5 g


31 g


5,2 g

Source: Product chemical analysis

Additional Information

Type of meat

dry cured meat

Storage temperature

4 - 8 °C