Crafted from carefully selected pork legs

All Kras brand prosciuttos share the characteristic that all stages of maturation, labeling, and packaging are carried out in the Kras region, at the prosciutto factory in Šepulje.


Prosciutto is air-dried cured meat made from whole fresh pork legs. The salting process follows the tradition of dry salt curing using coarse sea salt. The average aging period is one year. Favorable climatic conditions contribute to the dynamic drying and aging process, resulting in the distinct color, texture, and rich aroma of the prosciutto.

No preservatives added

Despite technological advancements, we have preserved the traditional method of producing this delicacy. As a manufacturer, we do not use any additives during the salting process. Instead, it is the aging time that ensures the development of a pleasant aroma, taste, and the ruby-red color of the prosciutto.