Pancetta and Cured Pork Neck

Rozmarin in Poper

Dry Salting With Moderate Amount of Salt

When preparing dried meats, the inhabitants of the Karst always use only dry salting and a moderate amount of salt, so the products are generally suitably salty - sweet.


40 Years of Efforts to Achieve Quality

The efforts to geographically protect Karst Pancetta are already 40 years old. In October 1977 in Lipica producers of cured Karst meats (Kras Sežana and MIP Nova Gorica) started the initiative to protect Kraški pršut (Karst Prosciutto), Kraški zašink (Karst Pork Neck) and Kraška panceta (Karst Pancetta). With an emphasis on the genuine Karst Pancetta, producers wanted to draw consumers' attention to the tradition of drying and maturing pancetta on the Karst.

Pancetta and Cured Pork Neck Product Range

Pork neck and pork belly dried and cured in the Karst region are different in sensory properties from those, which are dried in other areas. Favorable climatic conditions provide the desirable drying and maturation dynamics, which is reflected in delicate texture of the slice, full aroma and intense ruby red color. Much care has been devoted to the development of gastronomic offer, which makes them appreciated as a culinary specialty. Check it out.

Rozmarin in Brin
Panceta geografska označba

Karst Pancetta

Here, where the mild Mediterranean climate meets the cold air of the hinterland, the famous Karst Pancetta with protected geographical indication is born.

This gastronomic specialty boasts a long and rich tradition; the first written information dates back to 1689. Over time, on the basis of their precious experience, our grandparents created practical knowledge and technological skills on which they built a sophisticated product, which we greatly appreciate today. To the skills of the masters, which have been preserved passing from generation to generation, new technologies have been added that contribute to a more efficient and sustainable production.

Karst Pancetta is unique. It differs from dry cured pork belly produced in other areas by its form and production process. The method of salting, drying and maturation without heat treatment are just a few technological processes that are indispensable for a genuine slice of this first-rate Karst specialty.

Kras Karst Pancetta
Panceta geografska označba

Karst Pork Neck

In the Karst region, we have a long and rich tradition of drying 'zašink' (pork neck)

Drying the neck with bones, as originally dried in one piece, was irrational and therefore abandoned by the locals. The product dried too much, the surface was solid and dry, the muscle surface was often cracked and the proportion of pieces discarded during the preparation of the presliced product was large.

Therefore they began to treat the precious piece of neck more sparingly. The salty neck was placed in a natural casing before drying; at first, it was made from pig bladder, but later they started using natural intestine.
Zašink was then tied with string, which gave the product a particularly attractive appearance.

Kras Karst Pork Neck

Different Packaging, Same Quality

For easier preparation of delicious snacks or use in the kitchen, we also offer our meats in presliced packaging.