Kras Mortadellas are the Only Ones Made in Slovenia

With its Mediterranean touch, Mortadella has conquered a position of an undisputed leader in the salami family. We have enriched the original Italian recipes with our knowledge and thus developed three types of mortadella: PRESTIGE, ELITA and PRIMORKA. They differ from each other both in shape and taste.

Mortadella – A Heavenly Secret

The delicate pink colour of the cut, intense, yet not excessively sharp scent and pleasant taste guide us to recognise its very typical aroma that expresses the perfect balance between meat, fat and seasoning.
Mortadella is a very nutritious food item with a high protein value and also one of the most renowned products of our company in addition to Karst prosciutto.

More About Mortadella

The true secret lies in baking, as it enriches selected ingredients with a harmony of unique and recognisable tastes. If mortadella were not already known in the cuisines of various Italian regions, we would have to invent it, as it enhances the flavours of various dishes around the world with its sophisticated aroma.

Cool it before cutting, and serve it cut into thin slices or diced. When deciding on the latter, it is good to dice mortadella just before serving to preserve the aroma and flavour. Thin slices must remain whole; the bacon must not tear. Arrange them on a plate so that they do not crease; this allows the smell and aroma to spread throughout the whole slice.

Mortadella is your ace of spades in the kitchen, as it can be added to various dishes; diced in omelettes, rice or pasta, as a filling in potato or meat rolls and tortellini or it can be prepared as a warm appetizer. It is traditionally served with fresh warm white bread and fresh seasonal vegetables. Once you cut it for the first time, you must protect it from drying out when storing it in a refrigerator to preserve its premium qualities.