Mastery Skills

Identify a Fully Matured Prosciutto

High quality prosciutto is not defined only by color – to recognize the quality, different senses must be taken into account, providing a complete experience.


The quality of prosciutto is reflected in the ruby red color, its marbling and at least one inch thick layer of fat.


The slice of prosciutto must melt in the mouth into a sweet-salty fusion.


Only well aged prosciutto has a rich and full aroma of salted dried meat.


Softness or hardness does not indicate if the prosciutto is whether well aged or not.


White solid granules that you sometimes find in prosciutto slices are not grains of salt. They are harmless crystals of tyrosine, a natural substance deriving from the ageing of proteins and a guarantee of slow maturation. Prosciutto with tyrosine is of superior quality and has a special gastronomic value, which can be compared to aged wines.

The Art of Slicing Prosciutto

Slicing Prosciutto is a kind of art.
Find out how the masters create a sophisticated slice that no one can resist.

Hand Slicing

A slice of hand-cut prosciutto has always been a special culinary experience since this method of slicing is considered as a sophisticated one. Slicing by hand requires a well-aged and evenly dried prosciutto as well as a skilled person.

When hand slicing, it is especially important to prepare the prosciutto beforehand.

The surface of prosciutto must be adequately moistened, so we recommend storing it in a slightly more humid place for a day or two before prior to slicing, or wrapping it in a damp cloth for a day. The dark, firm, dry outer muscle and the still soft inner part of the muscle make it difficult to guide the knife evenly.

Instructions for Hand Slicing

Machine Slicing

Machine slicing has its advantages and requires less knowledge, but a thin and elegant slice requires some skill for this slicing method as well.

Instructions for Manual Slicing

Tools for Hand Slicing

Prosciutto stand

The stand is used for stabilizing the prosciutto and therefore an easy slicing.

Long thin knife

This special knife with a flexible blade is used for producing precise and thin slices.

Short blade knife

Used for eliminating the smearing and the skin.


Fork is used for laying elegant slices on a plate.


Karst prosciutto certainly does not need many accouterments so we should always carefully select them only to accentuate the unique taste of prosciutto.

Prosciutto Pairing Guide


Prosciutto is well paired with young and milky cheeses, such as mozzarella, yet you can also opt for a more distinctive pairing with chunks of Parmesan or other similar aged cheese. Less suitable are soft style cheeses with blue mould such as gorgonzola.


The classic combination of prosciutto and melon never disappoints, but it is really worth trying it also accompanied by fresh figs or pears. We always choose seasonal fruit with the richest taste.


Our local Teran is certainly the best known wine to accompany prosciutto, but the noble meat goes well with other lighter, less tannic red wines with greater acidity and fresh white wines. Dry white sparkling wines are also a great choice.


Vegetables are a welcome ingredient in charcuterie boards as they add an element of freshness. Olives go well with prosciutto, and in summer fresh rocket and cherry tomatoes are certainly the perfect choice.


A slice of good rustic bread is often sufficient. Slices should be toasted just before serving, you can also prepare homemade focaccia. Instead of bread, you can also serve crispy breadsticks, crackers or taralli.

How to Build a Perfect Charcuterie Board

Less is more, especially when you want to enjoy Karst Prosciutto, therefore the quantity and variety of accouterments should let prosciutto play the leading role.
Prosciutto should be sliced just before serving. Arrange the slices loosely on a board or tray so they do not overlap.
When you lay slices on the board, try rotating them to add some height as well as an eye-catching display of meat.

Prosciutto Cooking Ideas

Time is precious. We value ours by allowing the prosciutto to mature and we appreciate your time by facilitating the preparation of dishes that will impress your guests.