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The products of the joint-stock company Kras d.d. are designed for the market, to satisfy needs and requests of the clients on a competitive basis. The management system was created and developed on the basis of different knowledge and experiences in technology, veterinary medicine and medicine on the market and it refers to our knowledge, skills and organization. The relationship with our clients is founded on honesty and effectiveness, i.e. a client is always informed about the product’s value and content that they get in return for money.

Our overriding task is to satisfy not only the client but also the owner because a long-term engagement and satisfaction of the employees can only be guaranteed, as is in turn the prospect of achieving the first two objectives.

Quality is provided in all stages of the business process ranging from development to production, distribution and sale service. We continuously improve our knowledge and strive to increase the quality of our products and thus reduce business operation costs.

A few years ago we started introducing the HACCP system which became obligatory for meat products industrial establishments in 2004. Now it is already a consolidated and established work system.

In order to obtain a right instrument for full quality management we began to realize our strong wish, i.e. to introduce ISO standard into the Kras company in 1999. What is more, the system is being continuously consolidated and improved.

We are pleased to have taken this decision and to have achieved success while making preparations for the system introduction. In is also our aim to try to compensate for what we have missed in the future.

All the employees KRAS d.d. are obliged to exercise the prescribed and accepted elements of the management system. The company’s management board will identify the conformity obtained with the agreed requests through management board’s verification and interior evaluation of the management system, HACCP system and other systems.

For successful management and operation our company should be managed and directed in a systematic and a transparent way. Success and important business results can be achieved through the introduction and maintenance of management system based on continuous company’s operation improvement, while taking into account the needs of all stakeholders.  
Therefore, the management system according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard is our strategic decision.

Our company’s goal is to recognize and satisfy needs and expectations of our clients and other stakeholders, i.e. our employees, suppliers—partners, our owners and a wider society in order to reach the competitive advantage in an effective and successful way. Finally, our aim is also to reach, maintain and constantly improve the whole operation and all the capacities of our company.

KRAS d.o.o.
Šepulje 31
6210 Sežana, Slovenia

Tel: +386 57 310 300
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